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Synchronizing people information for BMC Remedy ITSM Suite

By synchronizing people information, you ensure that the Software License Management (SWLM) component of BMC Asset Management uses the data in the BMC Atrium CMDB to connect software contracts and software CIs.

It also ensures that the SWLM component calculates whether a given instance of the software is in compliance with the applicable license agreement.

Run the People Synchronization utility if you are upgrading from BMC Remedy ITSM 7.0.03 patch 009 or later. The People Synchronization utility synchronizes the following BMC Remedy ITSM data with the corresponding BMC Atrium CMDB table:

BMC Remedy ITSM data

BMC Atrium CMDB table


BMC.CORE:BMC_Person Class Atrium

AST:AssetPeople (record associations or any existing CI relationships)

BMC.CORE:BMC_Dependency Class Atrium

This section provides the following information:

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