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Running the CTMPPLSyncInitiated escalation

You enable this escalation from Developer Studio, which causes it to run at the end of the interval time.

Run this escalation after the Initiate People synchronization finishes.

To run the escalation

  1. Log into Developer Studio using an ID with Administrator User privileges.
  2. Open the CTM:PPL:SyncInitiated escalation. This escalation is disabled when you open it.
  3. Change the value in the State field to Enabled.
  4. Ensure the value in the Run By field is Interval.
  5. Change the Days value and the Hours value to 0, and the Minutes value to 2. This ensures the escalation runs within two minutes of you saving the changes.
  6. Save the changes and wait for the system to start the escalation.
    Verify whether the escalation has started by clicking Refresh Counts on the People Sync console. When the escalation is running, the record count in the # of Sandbox Persons field increases. When the value in the # of Sandbox Persons field is no longer increasing, the escalation job is finished.
  7. When the escalation finishes, change the value in the State field to Disabled and save the change.

Where to go from here

Running the sandbox reconciliation

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