BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is an automation aggregator that enables organizations to connect with automation tools of their choice and define policies to trigger remediation actions. It acts as an automation broker for connecting with third-party automation tools, listens to the incoming events from data sources such as BMC Helix Operations Management and BMC Helix AIOps and enables creation of event-driven automation policies to remediate events. 

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updated 11 Dec

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Dec 11, 2023
Enhancements available in this release:
  • Input parameters not mandatory for TrueSight Orchestration actions
  • Improved search functionality for the Requests, Policies, and History pages
  • Observability and AIOps use case documentation
23.4.02 enhancements and patches
Nov 3, 2023
Ability to use the Search Online option to search for actions to be added to an automation policy directly on the Ansible Tower application. 
A customer success story describing the success achieved by BMC IT is available in the Use cases section.
23.4.01 enhancements and patches
Oct 5, 2023
Enhancements available in this release:
  • Reduce event noise created by information events for incidents created in BMC Helix ITSM
  • Mark automation policies failed after two days
23.4 enhancements and patches
Sept 6, 2023
Ability to test automation policies by using multiple event parameters.
23.3.02 enhancements and patches
Aug 4, 2023
Enhancements available in this release:
  • Advanced filter to search for automation requests or automation policy runs based on time
  • New function for handling multibyte characters in BMC Helix Intelligent automation solutions
23.3.01 enhancements and patches
July 6, 2023
Enhancements available in this release:
  • Support for multibyte characters
  • Ability to merge new and updated fields
23.3 enhancements and patches

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Viewing automation requests


View the incoming requests for automations from BMC Helix AIOps.

Viewing policies in BMC Helix Dashboards


View the statistics about the successful and failed automation policy runs and top 10 automation policies in your environment.

Connecting with automation tools


Configure any connector from the available out-of-the-box connectors to be able to create automation policies.

Managing automation policies


Create automation policies to automate any recurring tasks based on the events received from BMC Helix Operations Management or BMC Helix AIOps.

Enabling Proactive Service Resolution


Configure the solution to automatically create TMF-compliant trouble tickets or incidents for critical events in the supported Trouble Ticket Management or IT Service Management systems. 

Enabling the solution for blackout policies


Configure the solution to automatically create blackout policies in BMC Helix Operations Management based on a change request.

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation product. 

How many connectors does BMC Helix Intelligent Automation support?

As of now, the product supports connection with the following automation tools and applications: 

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Ansible Tower
  • Kubernetes
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • TrueSight Orchestration
  • TrueSight Server Automation
  • Generic REST API connector

What versions of each automation tool or application are supported?

For supported versions and other dependencies, see System requirements.

What are the hardware and software requirements for configuring on-premises connectors?

For the minimum hardware and software requirements, see System requirements. Apart from this, if a connector has any specific requirements, they are specified in the Before you begin section in each of the connector configuration documentation.   

How do I connect with an application not supported by the product?

If the application uses REST API, you can use the Generic REST API connector to run jobs by invoking REST APIs.

Why am I not able to configure a connector?

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation uses role-based access control for user management. Only Automation Engineers can configure connectors. For more information about supported roles, see Roles and permissions

Does the product support any other user roles?

Currently, there are two roles, Automation Engineer and Automation Developer. For a list of capabilities available for each role, see Roles and permissions.

Can an automation developer see the results of a policy run? 

Yes. An automation developer can view the policy history details on the History page and view the output for a policy. For a list of capabilities available for each role, see Roles and permissions.

Can I edit the configuration details for the ITSM system from the Solutions page? 

No. You can only view the configuration details. If you want to use another instance of the IT Service Management (ITSM) or Trouble Ticket Management system, you must delete the current solution and configure a new one. 

What happens when I delete the configuration from the Solutions page?

The automation policies and the connectors are deleted from BMC Helix Intelligent Automation. Automation policies that use the templates stop working. Event policy is not deleted from BMC Helix Operations Management.  

Can I edit or delete the BMC Helix for CSP or ServiceNow connector like any other connectors?

No, you cannot edit or delete it from the Connectors page. To delete the connector, you must delete entire Proactive Service Resolution from the Solutions page. 

Can I edit or delete the automation policies created for Proactive Service Resolution? 

No, you cannot edit or delete the automation policies. To delete the policies, you must delete entire Proactive Service Resolution from the Solutions page. 

Why does an automation developer see only a few connectors? 

An automation developer sees only the configured connectors and does not have access to the connectors available in the product.

Does BMC Helix Intelligent Automation have the capability to automatically sync workflows or jobs while adding actions? 

No. Currently, the user must use the Sync Actions option available while adding actions to a policy. 

Does the product support other jobs such as the BLPackage or Deploy in TrueSight Server Automation?

No. Currently, BMC Helix Intelligent Automation can run only the NSH script jobs.

Can any other role other than BLAdmin be specified in the TrueSight Server Automation connector? 

No. Currently, you must use the BLAdmin user while configuring the connector. 


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