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Viewing problem investigations assigned to you

You can view the summary and detail of problem investigations assigned to you.
As a problem assignee, you assume responsibility for the problem investigation. You become the focal point for communication about the problem. You are responsible for coordinating activity to investigate the problem.
You can record the effort that you have spent working on an investigation. If you are not assigned to an investigation, you can record that you have assisted with the investigation.


If you do not accept the assignment, reassign the investigation, as described in Reassigning the problem investigation.

To view problem investigations assigned to you

  1. On the Problem Management console, from the View By list, select Personal.


    You can also view problem investigations assigned to other people in the support groups you belong to by selecting either Selected Groups , which enables you to select a subset of your groups, or All My Groups , which displays problem investigations for all the support groups you belong to.

  2. From the Defined Searches area, select Problem Investigation > All Open Problems.
  3. To view additional details about an investigation, select the problem investigation record in the Problems table and then click View.
    The Problem Investigation form appears. You can modify the form and perform other actions, as appropriate.

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