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Reviewing and updating the problem investigation

When you are notified that a problem investigation is assigned to you and you are ready to start the root cause analysis, open the problem investigation record. Check that the status of the problem investigation is Assigned, and then set the status to Under Investigation.


The problem investigation status must be Assigned before you can change the status to Under Investigation. If the problem investigation status is not Assigned, contact the problem coordinator to have the status changed.

Fields on the record display information that was collected about the problem or the status of the problem investigation.

Review the information included in the problem investigation and any related records, to gain a clearer understanding of the problem's, background, and how it is affecting the service infrastructures associated with it.


If you receive an investigation that you think someone else is better suited to review, you can reassign it to that person. For information about how to do this, see Reassigning the problem investigation.

The tasks described by the following procedures are related to reviewing and updating the problem investigation:

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