This documentation supports the 21.3 and consecutive patch versions of Live Chat.

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Quick start

Live Chat enables end users to chat with support agents. Agents can participate in a chat session from Smart IT or BMC Helix Business Workflows . Administrators can configure Live Chat to suit your organization's business requirements and monitor the agents handling user requests. 

Consider a scenario, where an employee within an organization is having problems installing software and wants to request assistance. The employee uses the Self Service Portal or BMC Helix Virtual Agent to initiate the request.

The following sequence illustrates a typical chat session in Live Chat:

  1. The end user logs in to Self Service Portal or BMC Helix Virtual Agent  to request assistance with downloading the software.
  2. The support agent from Smart IT (IT agent in Smart IT with ESChat_Agent permissions) or the case agent in BMC Helix Business Workflows sees the chat request from the self-service user. The agent accepts the request and engages in a live chat conversation with the user.
  3. The support agent uses various tools to assist in troubleshooting and resolving the user issue. 
  4. The support agent closes the chat session with the user when the query is resolved.

User roles

Live Chat has simplified the day-to-day activities of different user roles. The product primarily aims to simplify the regular activities of the following roles:


Self-service user or end user

  • Initiates a chat session to resolve a query.

Agent (IT agent in Smart IT with ESChat_Agent role) or case agent in BMC Helix Business Workflows

  • Uses the chat console to chat with end users and resolve their queries.


  • Grants permissions to users.
  • Configures the Self Service Portal and agent settings.
  • Performs system-level troubleshooting.

Product documentation

The Live Chat documentation helps users implement or use this product.

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