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Live Chat provides a self-service solution for users to resolve their issues by chatting to support agents.

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Learn what's new or changed for Live Chat 20.08, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches. 


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Known and corrected issues

Release notes and notices Open link in Smart IT.

Release notes and notices Open link in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

The Live Chat 20.08 release is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS) as part of phased customer rollout. 



March 6, 2023

Issues that were corrected by this patch and issues that remain open

20.08 patches
January 7, 20221

This patch includes the following enhancements:

  • Modify the log levels by changing the Log4j configuration in Virtual Chat Administration Console.

  • Agents are notified when their session times out.

Issues that were corrected by this patch and issues that remain open

20.08 patches
September 16, 202120.08 patches
August 23, 2021Issues that were corrected by this patch and issues that remain open20.08 patches
July 28, 2021

This patch includes the following enhancement:

  • Enable or disable typing notifications in Live Chat.
20.08 patches
June 21,2021Issues that were corrected by this patch and issues that remain open20.08 patches
April 21, 2021

This patch release is only for the Remedy AR System Server. For more information, see 
Remedy AR System 20.08.01: Patch 1 Open link .

20.08 patches
September 23, 2020

Live Chat version 20.08 is released. This version includes the following enhancements:

    • Automatically assign tickets created from Live Chat in Smart IT.
    • Live Chat monitoring dashboard to view information about support agents and the chats assigned to them.
    • Agents can launch BMC Client Management from Live Chat.
    • Agents can set their screen name to be displayed to the end users.
    • Improved chat transcript.
    • Open incidents and work orders in Progressive View in Smart IT.

20.08 enhancements

1 There are no patches with version numbers 20.08.02, 20.08.06, 20.08.07, 20.08.08, 20.08.10, and 20.08.11

Accessing and navigating Self Service Portal


As an end-user, use the Self Service Portal to chat with a support agent and get resolutions for your queries.

Interacting with chat users


As a support agent, accept live chat requests and resolve the end users' queries.



(On-premises only)

Plan an installation or upgrade based on recommended deployment architecture, sizing, and system requirements.



(On-premises only)

Upgrade based on the latest system requirements and software.



Administrators can configure the settings for Self Service Portal and agent console in Smart IT or BMC Helix Business Workflows.



(On-premises only)

Install and perform initial system configuration.

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FAQs and additional resources

This topic provides information that supplements the Live Chat documentation. 

Frequently asked questions

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about BMC Virtual Chat.

The default logo file, named bmclogo.gif, is located in the /resources/img/ folder on the mid tier server. First, move your company logo to the /resources/img/ folder. Then, use the Self Service Portal Configuration tool to modify the Application Portal - Interface to point to your logo. The logo definition is the first line of the entry.


For more information, see Changing the logo in the application portal.

In the first line of the Remedy Knowledge Management Virtual Chat Query, set the keytermsrelevancy value to  0  (zero) and theresort value to  false .

[vaq:xmlresults maxrows='10' keytermsrelevancy='0' keytermselement='title' resort='false']

For more information, see Defining Virtual Agent Queries

You can change the virtual agent greeting in the ES_Chat:DVFFormatString Self Service form. The Default Display Message section contains the initial greeting. Change it and restart Apache Tomcat for the changes to take effect.

For more information, see Changing the initial customer greeting.  

Specify the new path in the web.xml file (in the /webapps/programd/web_inf folder) and then restart Apache Tomcat. The path is specified in the <param-value> element:


In the Virtual Chat Query configuration, change the URL field from the Google default to your company URL. 

For more information, see Defining Virtual Chat Queries.  

Additional resources from BMC

The following BMC sites provide information outside of the Live Chat documentation that you might find helpful:

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  •   BMC Support Knowledge Base Open link , search filtered by BMC Virtual Agent and BMC Virtual Chat (requires login)
  • BMC Educational Services, BMC Remedy ITSM Suite learning path
  • BMC Global Services, BMC Remedy ITSM offerings
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