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Which data migration method should I use

You can use the following methods to migrate data from an external source into BMC Remedy ITSM Suite applications:

The recommended method of migrating data depends on the accessibility of the data.

When to use BMC Atrium Integrator

If you can access the data source in its original format by using BMC Atrium Integrator, create a data transfer that maps from the original source to the BMC Remedy AR System data load staging forms directly. The advantages to this method include:

  • No data handling errors occur.
  • The size of the operation does not affect attachment sizes.
  • This method is faster than using the data load spreadsheets.
  • Translating data into the spreadsheet format is not necessary.


You can, however, use the spreadsheets as documentation for destination schema (the spreadsheets include size, type, help text, and so on).

When to use data load spreadsheets

If the data is distributed in many, disparate formats or requires significant reconciliation, perform the following actions:

If you are using the data load spreadsheets, see Spreadsheet usage tips for information about using them. 

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