This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Levels of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite data

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite contains the following levels of data:

  • Foundation data — Configuration data that applies to all of the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite applications, such as companies, sites, people, and categorization
  • Process setup data — Configuration data that affects processes for a specific application (for example, decision trees can be used by BMC Service Desk)
  • Transactional data — Records created during day-to-day use of the product, such as incidents and change requests


    CI data can be loaded even if BMC Asset Management is not installed.

    Not all levels or types of data are supported by all products in Data Management. See the following diagram to understand which data is supported by which product.

Levels and types of data supported, by product, in Data Management

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  1. Steven Wilson

    SRM has None for Transactional Data?  What about Service Requests?  Also...what about Work Order Management?  It should either be included in SRM or have its own column, as it also has transactional and process setup data. 

    Feb 27, 2013 11:09
    1. Bruce Cane

      I'll look into it, Steve.

      Feb 27, 2013 11:49
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Steve, is there an email address at which we can contact you? The subject matter expert needs to ask some follow up questions to clarify your question. It might make sense for the two of you to communicate directly, with me copied so that I can update the documentation, if needed.

      Feb 28, 2013 01:28
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Steve, just to close the loop. I updated the Note and the title of the illustration to change the context a little. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Again, thanks.

      Mar 01, 2013 11:44
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Steve, we updated the graphic to mention templates for SRM, Service Desk, and so on.

      Mar 15, 2013 09:14
  2. Leo andrew Garcia

    Hello BMC.


    How about REQs generated when a user submits a request via an SRM? Does it fall under Transactional data?

    And where does task template fall?

    Apr 06, 2017 11:17