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Alias replacement during validation

During validation, the alias replacement function for data loads replaces alias values on staging forms with the actual values based on defined alias mappings. It can assist in reducing the number of errors generated during the dataload validate step.


Alias replacement is not performed on records in the following parent staging forms:

  • Company
  • Site
  • People Organization
  • Support Group
    Alias replacement is not supported when importing BMC Service Request Management data.

If there is more than one field with the same alias type on a staging form, the alias replacement function only replaces values on the primary field with the same field ID as the parent form of this alias type.

If you select Replace Case/Alias, the dataload job runs slower, because it must perform more lookups.

The alias replacement function replaces the alias on staging forms with the actual value from DMT:AliasMapping form for a defined data type field existing in DMT:SYS:CleanseFields during the validation process.

Alias replacement for an alias only occurs when the current record for this field does not exist in either the system or the parent staging form, but it exists on the DMT:AliasMapping form.

The following data type fields on the staging forms are supported:

  • Company name
  • Site name
  • Organization
  • Support group name
  • Department
  • Support organization


    The current system contains a company record with the name ABC Company.
    The alias mapping form contains an alias ABC for the company ABC Company.

    1. You run the data load which triggers the validation process.
    2. The case insensitivity function checks if ABC exists on either the Company form, Load Company staging form, or alias mapping form, and does not perform case conversion if ABC is found.
    3. In this case, the record is not found in either the Company form or the Load Company staging form, but it is found in the alias mapping form.
      Validation then runs on the converted value ABC Company, and passes without error.
    4. The alias replacement functions runs, and ABC on staging form is converted to ABC Company.
    5. The validation process then runs on the converted value ABC Company, and completes successfully.

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