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Understanding Atrium Integrator

The following topics discuss different aspects of Atrium Integrator:

Atrium Integrator is an integration engine that enables you to transfer data from external data stores to BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (BMC Atrium CMDB) classes. You can connect to a wide variety of input sources using connectors such as JDBC, ODBC, JMS, native databases, web services, and complex XML. Atrium Integrator provides you with the ability to clean and transform your data before putting it into BMC Atrium CMDB. 

Atrium Integrator replaces BMC Atrium Integration Engine. You can continue using BMC Atrium Integration Engine for existing data mappings and exchanges, but BMC recommends that you use Atrium Integrator for all new data transfers.


BMC Atrium Integration Engine will be deprecated in a future release. BMC recommends that you create all new data transfers using Atrium Integrator and that you migrate your existing BMC Atrium Integration Engine data exchanges to Atrium Integrator as part of your BMC Atrium Core implementation. For more information, see Migrating existing data exchanges to Atrium Integrator.

The following figure illustrates how Atrium Integrator integrates with the BMC Atrium Core components to form a solution.  

 BMC Atrium Core architecture 

Atrium Integrator transfers data from an external data store to BMC Atrium CMDB. When the data is in a BMC Atrium CMDB dataset, the Normalization Engine ensures that data from different data providers is consistent. The Reconciliation Engine merges data from multiple import datasets into the BMC Asset dataset. For more information about datasets, see Datasets used by Atrium Integrator.

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