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Finding data that will be imported during an upgrade

Determine whether your customized data will be impacted by an upgrade. The following information describes where to find the data in the BMC Remedy ITSM installation directory that will be imported for a particular component during an upgrade.

This topic provides the following information:

BMC Asset Management directories

The following list shows the directories where you can find the BMC Asset Management data that will be upgraded.


The following list is for a Microsoft Windows environment where backward slashes are used for paths. If you use a UNIX environment, the slashes appear as forward slashes.

  • installationPath\workflow\ pre_install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\integration\ast\workflow
  • installationPath\workflow\ pre_install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\system\ast\workflow
  • installationPath\workflow\ install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\integration\ast_componentName2_\workflow
  • installationPath\workflow\ install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\system\ast\workflow
  • installationPath\workflow\ post_install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\integration\ast\workflow
  • installationPath\workflow\ post install\upgrade_from_7.6.03_to_7.6.04\system\ast\workflow
    The ast component in the directory path is specific to BMC Asset Management. For another application, the component name will be different. _componentName2 will be replaced by a second component name listed in the following section (for example, pbm).

Application or module component names

Consult the following table to see which components apply for each BMC Remedy ITSM application and module.

Application or module

Component names


aas, apr, asi, cai, cfg, cfn, cms, ctr, fin, fnd, rac, roi, rqc, rrc, shr, srm, tms

BMC Change Management

chg, rms

Data Management tool


Incident Management feature of BMC Service Desk


Problem Management feature of BMC Service Desk


BMC Asset Management

ast, rle

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