23.3 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

For updates and enhancements in the previous release and its patches, see Release notes and notices.

BMC applies upgrades as described in BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link . BMC applies upgrades and patches during  Maintenance windows. Open link  


Ability to test automation policies by using multiple event parameters

While testing an automation policy, you can modify the values of the input parameters of the selected event JSON. The policy is tested with the values provided in the Test Automation Policy dialog. The policy results, whether successful or failed, are displayed immediately. The values modified while testing the policy are not saved as trigger conditions and the event JSON with which the policy is tested is not updated in the actual policy. 

For more information, see Creating automation policies


Advanced filter to search for automation requests or automation policy runs based on time

You can now search for specific automation requests on the Requests page and automation policy runs on the History page by using the time filter. When there are multiple instances of requests and policy runs, this filter helps you look for the specific instance faster. 

For more information, see Viewing automation requests and Viewing automation policy runs history


New function for handling multibyte characters in BMC Helix Intelligent automation solutions

A new substrByByte function helps you transform the multibyte characters in an incoming event based on your requirements. This function is available in the Proactive Service Resolution and Blackout Policy solutions.

For more information, see the following topics:


Learn about the new features and enhancements in this release in the following video (2:24):

 Watch the YouTube video about What's new in BMC Helix Intelligent Automation 23.3

Proactive Service Resolution enhancements

The following enhancements are available for Proactive Service Resolution. 

Support for multibyte characters

If an incoming event contains multibyte characters (for example, Message contains Chinese characters) an incident is created successfully with no additional configuration required in the Proactive Service Resolution solution. 

Ability to merge new and updated fields

If new out-of-the-box field mappings are provided or if the existing mapped values are updated, you can view the difference in the Proactive Service Resolution configuration and merge those changes. When you merge changes, the out-of-the-box policies get updated and new incidents are created based on the updated policies. 

For more information, see Configuring Proactive Service Resolution for incidents.

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