23.1 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix AIOps enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionSaaSOn PremisesFixed issuesUpdates and enhancements
Known and corrected issuesupdates
23.1.01(tick)-Known and corrected issuesupdates
23.1(tick)-Known and corrected issues23.1.00 enhancements

For updates and enhancements in the previous release and its patches, see Release notes and notices.

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Simplified user experience 

BMC Helix AIOps offers a simplified user experience to monitor service health easily and quickly.

View all information for a service from a single page

Monitor the health of a service, troubleshoot the root cause of an impact on a service, and view CI topology, service hierarchy, health indicators, insights, and situations from a single page.

Use the vertically stacked list of sections that you can expand or collapse to reveal or hide information about a service.

For more information, see Monitoring services.

View Situations for a service from the service details page

View and analyze situations for a service from the Analyze Situations section on the service details page. Click a situation to access the situation details page.

For more information, see Performing causal analysis of impacted services.

Understand the status for a section by its label

View the status of each entity such as situation, health indicators, or insights without expanding the section. For example, in this image, CRITICAL and MAJOR indicate the status of health indicators.

View metrics when analyzing the root cause

View metrics when analyzing the root cause of an impacted service. You no longer need to navigate to a separate tab to view the metrics for a service.

For more information, see Analyzing the metrics for an impacted service.


Enable dark theme 

View the BMC Helix AIOps console in dark mode by using the AIOps Dark Theme option on the Manage Product Features page.

For more information, see Enabling the AIOps features.


Learn about the new features and enhancements in this release in the following video (3:38): 


Simplified service blueprint creation process

The service blueprint creation process is simplified.

When you create a service blueprint from an available CI, BMC Helix AIOps does the following:

  • Defines the filter criterion by default for the start node.

  • Automatically re-computes the blueprint if you assign another CI node as the start node. You don’t have to establish the relationships between nodes manually.

  • Creates the service blueprint without any errors.

When you create a service blueprint from an available CI kind, BMC Helix AIOps defines the filter criterion by default for the first node.

For more information, see Creating service blueprints.

View propagated health score for services

The health of a parent service is dependent on the health of other dependent services. If a dependent service is impacted, its health score is propagated to all services dependent on the parent service. Even if a parent service is not impacted directly and has no events, the service severity and the health score shows the propagated impact from a dependent service. If more than one dependent service is impacted, the lowest health score is displayed.

If the parent service is not impacted and the health score is propagated from a dependent service, a (Propagated) label is displayed right next to the health score.

On the Services page in the tile view, Impacted Entities shows the count of the impacted dependent services.

For more information, see Monitoring service health

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