This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Enabling end users to work on tasks

The end user console is a single pane of glass for end users to find knowledge articles, submit service requests, view the status of their requests, and work on action items assigned to them by managers or team leaders.

Single tasks from BMC Helix Business Workflows that are assigned to end users by managers or team leaders are called To-dos. To-dos are actions that end users must complete to achieve a common, bigger goal. End users can save time by viewing and completing their To-dos without moving away from the end user console. 

Required license

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced and 

 BMC Helix Digital Workplace External users licenses

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To-dos benefits

This capability provides the following benefits to end users and external users: 

  • Managers or team leaders can assign To-dos to their reportees or colleagues.
  • Assignees receive a notification when To-dos are assigned so that they do not miss them. 
  • Assigners of To-dos can see when the end user marks a To-do as complete.
  • Assigners and assignees can communicate with each other via comments to the To-dos. 

Scenario: Viewing and completing end user assignments by using To-dos


Sarah is a new employee being onboarded to Apex Global. She is a self-registered, external user of BMC Helix Digital Workplace. Bill is the hiring manager who assigns To-dos to her as part of her onboarding process. 

Scenario: Displaying To-dos in a studio page

As an administrator, you can add and configure the To-Dos event type in studio pages.


Apex Global uses the studio capability to create a custom home page for the end users. Allen, the administrator, wants to make sure that Britney, an end user, can view the To-dos assigned to her.

  • Allen configures the To-do event type in the studio page and makes the studio page available for Britney.
  • Allen enables the To-do capability for end users. 
  • Bill, who is Britney's manager, assigns To-dos to Britney to complete two mandatory training sessions and adds the due date.
  • Britney views the To-dos and marks them complete after taking the mandatory trainings. 
  • Bill sees that Britney has completed the To-dos. 

Displaying To-dos in a studio page workflow

The following image shows the workflow of To-dos associated with a case in BMC Helix Business Workflows and assigned to an end user in BMC Helix Digital Workplace:


BMC Helix Business Workflows

Case Business Analyst
  • Define a new template for To-dos.
  • Define a task flow for To-dos.

To dos Open link

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Case Agent

Associate the appropriate To-do template with the case. 

Updating tasks and tracking progress Open link

BMC Helix Digital Workplace

  • Configure and enable the Business Workflows pluggable provider.
  • Enable To-dos for end users and specify whether you want to display the priority of To-Dos.
  • (Optional) If you want end users to receive email notifications when To-dos are assigned to them, configure the email notifications. 
  • (Optional) If you want to display To-dos for end users in a custom page, configure the To-do event in the relevant studio page. Ensure that you make the studio page available to end users and add it to the navigation menu. 

List of providers

Enabling end user features

Customizing email, push, and in-app notifications

Creating pages in the studio

Making studio pages available to end users

BMC Helix Digital Workplace

End user
(Assigner of To-Dos)

  • Submit service requests and assign To-Dos associated with the requests.

Submitting service requests

How assigned To-dos are displayed

After a manager or team leader assigns a To-do, the assignee (who can also be a self-registered user) can view the To-Dos in a card view and a list view. 

After an end user marks a To-do as complete, it can be viewed in the Past events section.

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