As a tenant administrator, you can configure BMC and other third-party integrations to get alert, event, and topology data from multiple solutions. You can view this data in BMC Helix Operations Management and BMC Helix Discovery, and process it further in BMC Helix AIOps to derive actionable insights.

BMC provides you with the following options to facilitate the third-party integrations:

  • BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations: Uses REST APIs and the Webhook mechanism to communicate with a data source, and provides an easy-to-use click and connect capability to configure an integration. It facilitates data collection and consumption from the integrated solutions such as Aternity and New Relic.
  • BMC Helix Developer Tools: Uses Fluentd-based connectors that can host multiple integrations such as TrueSight Operations Management and facilitates data collection and consumption from the integrated solutions. It enables you to build custom integrations for the solution for which an out-of-the-box integration is not available, and to collect logs from files by using Fluentd.
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