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BMC Service Request Management overview

BMC Service Request Management helps customers find and request for services. Service Request Management also helps internal groups manage customer expectations, such as providing information about the level of service the employees should expect if their PC hard drive breaks or if they have forgotten a password. 

Quick overview

In Service Request Management, a request is the service offering that is generated from a service request definition (SRD). Service Request Management provides an online service catalog, from which the users can view and request services that are available to them. You can also use automated tools to submit requests from the request catalog. A service request is the parent object that manages and tracks the implementation of a selected SRD.

The IT department and other business departments within a company can define offered services, publish those services in the service catalog, and automate the fulfillment of those services for their users. With Service Request Management, users can help themselves, which reduces the number of requests coming into the service desk, and enables IT professionals to focus on more critical activities. Service Request Management also provides the ability to automate workflows for each service, enforcing consistency of process and faster fulfillment of the request.

Watch the following video to learn how to order products in a request:

Product roles

Service Request Management provides the following roles:

  • User
  • Business manager
  • Application administrator
  • Service catalog manager
  • Business analyst
  • Service request coordinator
  • Fulfillment provider
  • Work order manager
  • Work order assignee
  • Developer

To learn more about each of these roles, see User goals and features.

Product features

Service Request Management provides the following capabilities:

  • Create and maintain a catalog of requestable services by using SRDs. The requestable services include service level agreements (SLAs), cost and price, common and organization-specific offerings, and mappings to the fulfillment process.
  • Submit service requests for self or on behalf of other users.
  • Monitor and manage service requests.
  • Track work orders, monitor support staff activities in implementing the work order, and handle work assignments.
  • Create tasks to fulfill work orders and schedule people and resources to implement tasks.
  • Customize the application and integrate with custom applications.

To learn more about the features, see User goals and features and Quick tour.

Product documentation

In the following list, click the link related to your role to learn more about how to proceed with this product:

You can also use BMC Digital Workplace as an alternative to BMC Service Request Management. See BMC Digital Workplace Basic Open link .

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