This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Live Chat.
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20.02 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 20.02 of BMC Live Chat. 

The feature enhancements delivered in BMC Live Chat version 19.11 (SaaS-only) release are also available in the BMC Live Chat 20.02 release.

The following video (2:00) provides a summary of the some of the new features and enhancements in BMC Live Chat version 19.11 and 20.02:

Associate chats with existing tickets

Support agents can associate a chat to an existing ticket during a live chat session or at the end of the session. By using this option, support agents can:

  • Save time in creating a new ticket. 
  • Reduce the creation of unnecessary tickets.
  • Reduce the dependency on users to explicitly ask to create a ticket. 

For more information, see To associate the chat to a ticket

View the Service Request ID from a live chat session

End users can view the Service Request ID in the chat session.

If administrators enable the rule to create a service request that corresponds to an incident or work order in Smart IT, the service request ID is displayed. End users can track the progress of their request by using this ID.

If this rule is disabled or if the service request ID is not created, the incident ID or work order ID is displayed to the end users. 


End users cannot click or view the service request from Self Service Portal.

For more information about how service requests are created in Smart IT, see  Setting up service management .

UI enhancements for support agents

The support agent console includes the following UI enhancements:

Receive notifications for incoming chats and messages

Support agents in Smart IT receive notifications for incoming chats and new messages in an existing chat in the following scenarios:

  • Agents are on a browser tab other than the agent console in Smart IT.
  • Agents have minimized the browser in which the agent console in Smart IT is open.
  • Another application is open or the mouse pointer is on the agent console in Smart IT.

Agents must set up the browser to allow notifications from BMC Live Chat. 

 For more information about browser support for notifications and the types of notifications, see Receiving notifications for incoming chats or messages.

(Version 19.11 and later) View Company and support queue name 

When a chat session is transferred to support agents, the agents can see the company and the support queue that the chat is assigned to. This helps the agent to decide whether to transfer the chat to another queue. 

(Version 19.11 and later) New tab to display the transferred chat sessions

Chat sessions that are transferred from one agent to another agent are displayed on a new tab so that agents can prioritize the transferred sessions over other pending sessions.

(Version 19.11 and later) Differentiation between editable and non-editable Quick Texts

Quick Texts that are created by the administrator are non-editable and appear dimmed. 

(Version 19.11 and later) Source of the live chat request is displayed

End users can request for live chat from Self Service Portal or BMC Helix Chatbot. The source of the live chat request is displayed. When requests are generated from BMC Helix Chatbot, the option to add attachments is not available. 

(Version 19.11 and later) Visual differentiation between an empty side note and a filled-out side note

Side notes are added by agents when transferring a chat session to another agent. 

(Version 19.11 and later) Ability for support agents to use quick text, quick links, and questionnaires

Support agents can use canned text while chatting with users so that the interaction speeds up for both the support agent and the user. Canned text includes quick texts, quick links, and questionnaires. 

For more information about using quick text, see Responding with quick texts. To learn how to begin a questionnaire, see Asking standard questions from a questionnaire.

(Version 19.11 and later) Differentiate between system and agent messages

System messages are displayed in a different color from the agent message so that end users can easily differentiate between system and agent messages.

(Version 19.11 and later) Ability to show Knowledge Articles in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced

Support agents can show Knowledge Articles in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced in addition to BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

To learn how support agents can enable the capability to share the Knowledge Article links to the users, see  Centralized configuration  in the Remedy with Smart IT documentation.

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