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This documentation supports the 23.3 version of  Live Chat, which is available only to BMC Helix customers (SaaS).

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Live Chat provides a self-service solution for users to resolve their issues by chatting to support agents.

Release notes and notices
updated 25 Mar

Learn what's new or changed in Live Chat 23.3 and patches, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches. 


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Known and corrected issues

Release notes and notices Open link in Smart IT.

Release notes and notices Open link in BMC Helix Business Workflows



March 22, 2024

Patch 1 for version 23.3 is available for on-premises customers.

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 Patch 1 and issues that remain open

23.3 enhancements and patches
March 8, 2024

Enhancements available in 23.3. Patch 1:

  • Leverage BMC HelixGPT to view summary of chat conversations
  • Notify idle end user when a new message arrives 
  • Customize the display order of topics for self-service users

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 Patch 1 and issues that remain open

23.3 enhancements and patches
December 8, 2023

Enhancements available in 23.3:

  • (Controlled availability customers only) Leverage BMC HelixGPT to view summary of chat conversations. 
  • Search agents by name or email ID while inviting and transferring chat sessions.
  • Enable country-based routing of support queues.
  • Automatically resize the size of the agent text box to accommodate more lines of text.

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 and issues that remain open

23.3 enhancements and patches

Accessing and navigating Self Service Portal


As an end-user, use the Self Service Portal to chat with a support agent and get resolutions for your queries.

Interacting with chat users


As a support agent, accept live chat requests and resolve the end users' queries.



(On-premises only)

Plan an installation or upgrade based on recommended deployment architecture, sizing, and system requirements.



(On-premises only)

Install and perform initial system configuration.



Administrators can configure the settings for Self Service Portal and agent console in Smart IT or BMC Helix Business Workflows.



(On-premises only)

As an administrator, set up integrations with other BMC products.

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