This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM, which is available only to BMC Helix customers (SaaS).

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With the BMC Helix ITSM suite of applications, you can create, configure, customize, deliver, and manage the IT Service Management requests and functions of your organization. BMC Helix ITSM streamlines and automates the processes around IT service desk, asset management, and change management operations.

Release notes and notices
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Release notes and notices

January 13, 2023

Updates available in BMC Helix Innovation Studio22.1 patch 4:

  • Disable or hide an action button based on the selected rows in a Record grid

  • Typeahead feature for named list field in Record Grid component

  • Reconcile customized Developer Studio form views by using the reconciliation process

  • Search for BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround articles based on the enhanced entitlement checks

  • Provision to show or hide the view component based on user's device

Update available in BMC Service Request Management 22.1 patch 4:

  • Authoring Groups for work order templates
22.1 enhancements and patches
November 2, 2022Not applicable
October 10, 2022

Updates available in BMC Helix Innovation Studio 22.1 patch 2:

  • Bring record data from multiple record definitions together in a single grid
  • Customize a list for predefined view presets

  • Export archived data to the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) location

  • View information about a specific server through the AR System Management Console

22.1 enhancements and patches
September 2, 2022

Updates available in BMC Helix Innovation Studio 22.1 patch 1:

  • Troubleshoot cache sync issues in the server group

  • Select a BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround portal for integration

Updates available in Smart IT 22.1 patch 1:

  • Display improvements of the Smart IT UI on mobile web browsers

22.1.01 enhancements and patches
July 29, 2022

Enhancements to BMC Helix ITSM Insights are:

  • Automatic response to emails with relevant knowledge articles.

  • Sort incident clusters by trend.

  • Detect probable major incidents.

  • Search for a cluster on the Real-time incident correlation dashboard.

Enhancements to BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT (Smart IT) are:

  • Identify quickly the source application that creates a ticket.

  • BMC Helix ITSM extends Canadian French language support.

22.1 enhancements



As an end user, access the BMC Helix ITSM applications and navigate the interface.

Using reports and flashboards


BMC Helix ITSM of applications provides a variety of tools for collecting, tracking, and monitoring data by using reports and flashboards.



Use the planning information for resources, processes, and activities for BMC Helix ITSM.

Onboarding and implementing


As an administrator, you need to configure the BMC Helix ITSM  after installation.



As an administrator, manage and maintain BMC Helix ITSM after it is installed and ensure that it is available to end users.



As an administrator, workflow developer, or consultant, extended and customize BMC Helix ITSM through Advanced Interface Forms or SOAP web services.



As a developer, customize BMC Helix ITSM.



Resolve common issues or errors, review logs, or contact Support.


Knowledge Base



PDFs and videos

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The following topics contain videos that supplement or replace the text-based documentation.

Important: The videos are recorded using the earlier version of BMC Helix ITSM and are valid for BMC Helix ITSM 9.1 and later.

Frequently asked questions


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BMC Helix ITSM  product.

We have completely restructured the BMC Helix ITSM documentation spaces. Some of the older topics have been renamed or merged into other topics. Here is a list of 8 most popular topics in the earlier versions of BMC Helix ITSM  and where you can find them in the restructured documentation space.

Old topic title

Where you can the information now

Smart IT overview

Getting started with Smart IT
Permission groups and application accessRoles and permissions
Adding miscellaneous company information

Creating companies In AR System documentation

Support group configuration for assignments

Configuring support group assignments In AR System documentation

Data Management

In AR System documentation:

  • Loading Foundation data by using Data Management
  • Setting up group notifications
BMC Remedy ITSM notification eventsBMC Helix ITSM notification events
Using web services
Configuring Web ServicesRegistering the BMC Helix ITSM web service

No. Your existing ticket data remains as is and continues to use the old company-based permissions. For details, see Access control for ticket data.

After upgrading, newly created records follow the enhanced data access model. For details, see the Access control for ticket data

AR Server automatically updates the parent field values for all the records in the system. This update is done in the background and the time taken depends on the volume of data.

For example, Service Desk is the parent of Backoffice Support. If you change the parent of Backoffice Support to Change Management:

  • The previous parent (Service Desk) and its parent groups can no longer access the data of Backoffice Support.
  • The new parent (Change Management) can access the data of the child group (Backoffice Support).

If an approver is not a member of the support groups mentioned in a change request, the request is not visible in an application record. In this case, approvers should always approve a request from the Approval Central.

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