BMC Helix IT Operations Management (ITOM) deployment is the process of managing the provisioning, capacity, cost, performance, security, and availability of infrastructure and services. By using container images, you can perform a fresh deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management in your on-premises environment.

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Release notes and notices
updated 11 Jan

Learn what’s new or changed for installation and deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches. 

The release notes in this documentation are specific to installation and upgrade. For complete release notes, refer to the product documentation of the respective component.


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Known and corrected issues

Downloading the deployment manager and container images

BMC Helix Operations Management Release notes and notices Open link

Support information

January 13, 2023

Updates available in this release:

  • Updated Kubernetes version support
  • The Cluster Admin role no longer required for deployment
  • Support for Patroni PostgreSQL Server
  • Automated database migration tool
  • Deployment of only required services
  • Support for deployment in an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
22.4 enhancements and patches


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As an IT architect or system administrator, you can plan your fresh deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management and choose the best deployment method. Plan your environment and pre-deployment activities.



As a system administrator, prepare for the deployment of BMC Helix IT Operations Management by using containers and perform the post-deployment tasks.



As a system administrator, use the tctl utility to administer and manage BMC Helix IT Operations Management.



Resolve common issues or errors, review logs, or contact Support.

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BMC Helix IT Operations Management containers.

BMC Helix IT Operations Management containers use Linux operating system. The container host systems must have Linux operating system because the kernel is shared between the host and container.

It is theoretically possible to run a Linux virtual machine on a Windows host and deploy Kubernetes across the virtual machine and run Linux containers. However, BMC does not recommend such deployment architecture and does not provide any deployment sizing guidelines for such configurations.

BMC Helix IT Operations Management containers are based on Docker and they leverage a Kubernetes orchestration layer.
  1. Create a certificate signing request (csr) file by using OpenSSL.
  2. Submit the the file <>.csr to your CA and request for signed certificate.
  3. Import the CA's reply.

The data lake tier comprises the following database servers and data sources:

For BMC Helix Operations ManagementVersion
Open Distro for Elasticsearch1.8.0
Victoria Metrics1.39.3
For BMC Helix logging


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