This documentation supports BMC Helix AIOps till November 2021. To view other versions of the documentation, select a version from the Product version menu.

Enabling the AIOps features

Organizations can use the AIOps features to monitor and investigate AIOps Situations, perform root-cause isolation of impacted services, and enable connections to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation. 

Tenant administrators can enable AIOps features from the Manage Product Features page. 

60 days trial notification

By default, you have the AIOps features enabled at no charge for 60 days. After that time, you need to subscribe to use these features. To continue to use the features and learn more about the subscription, contact your BMC Sales. Open link

AIOps features

The following table describes the AIOps features and their advantages. 

FeatureWhen enabledAdvantages
AIOps Root Cause Isolation

You can view the root cause isolation of impacted services with causal nodes, events, topology, and metrics data.

Requires AIOps Situations to be enabled.

AIOps root cause isolation gives the ability to predict the most likely causes of an issue in an infrastructure environment or business service by analyzing the AIOps Situations. 
AIOps SituationsYou can monitor and investigate the AIOps Situations (also known as ML-based Situations) along with the policy-based Situations. AIOps Situation uses the AI/ML algorithms to detect event noise automatically, cluster events, and displays situations. This reduces the mean time to detect and resolve issues significantly. The advantage of this ML-based Situations is that you do not need to create policies to create situations.
Intelligent AutomationsYou can create, request, and execute automation actions to remediate Services or Situations.

Remediate open events in services and situations to resolve critical, major, or minor events and bring the overall service health back to normal.

To enable the AIOps features

After the 60 days trial ends, contact BMC Sales Team Open link  for continuing the subscription.

  1. Go to Configurations > Manage Product Features page.
  2. Enable the toggle button of the subscribed feature name.
    A message appears that you have successfully enabled the features. Even if you enable one of the three options, the title bar changes from Service Monitoring to Service Monitoring Powered by AIOps.

    When you enable the AIOps Root Cause Isolation, the AIOps Situations is automatically enabled.

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