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Generating charge-back reports and invoices

After the configuration administrator specifies charge-back costs, the financial manager can generate reports to track information and to find entries that might need to be adjusted.

The financial manager can then make any necessary adjustments and generate invoices to give to the appropriate cost centers. After the invoices are accepted, the financial manager can forward them to the company's accounting department for approval.

The financial manager generates charge-back reports and invoices with the Cost Management Reports dialog box. For all reports, you can change the title of the report and add a subtitle. For example, if you generate an invoice for a cost center called W1, you might use the following title and subtitle:

Title: Charge-back Invoice for Cost Center W1
Subtitle: Q4 2003

You can also change the currency type that is used to calculate charge-back values. For some reports, you can specify a charge-back percentage to add to the base cost.

After you generate reports, you can view them onscreen, print them, or save the file to another format.

For more information about the types of reports you can generate, see Types of charge-back reports.

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