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Developing a custom Progressive Web Application by using Developer Studio

This use case describes the various high-level steps required to create a custom Progressive Web Application (PWA) by using Developer Studio . 



Apex Global services needs to create a custom PWA that helps them perform specific business workflows and processes. In addition to this, they want the application to be browser-based and also work irrespective of operating systems and devices.

The application developer at Apex Global wants to use Developer Studio to create a PWA that will fulfill this requirement. 


Developing an application by using Developer Studio includes activities such as creating the UI layout of the application, adding fields, and validating the application. The following table shows some of the steps that may be required when creating a PWA.

Product | Component | ConsoleUserActionReference

Developer Studio

Application developer

Create the interface structure and layout

Defining forms to hold and display data

Panel holder display types

UI layout of Progressive Web Applications

Create fields and add properties

Creating and managing fields

Field Properties

Create advanced and faceted filters

Creating an advanced filter in Progressive Web Applications

Creating a faceted filter


View the PWA as an end user.

  1. In a browser, log in to PWA.
    For example, <serverName>:8080/arsys/pwa/#/login
    The port number may vary or may not be required based on the configuration in your environment.
  2. Change the URL to include the Progressive View form that you created in  Developer Studio .
    The PWA screen displays the interface that you created. 


  • Faster application load time.
  • Flexibility for developing a dynamic user interface.
  • Ease of customizing the application.

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