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Adding custom fields to ITSM Progressive Web Application screens

This use case describes the various high-level steps required to add custom fields to ITSM Progressive Web Application (PWA) screens. 


Apex Global needs to add custom fields to ITSM Progressive Web Application (PWA) screens to suit their business requirements. They specifically want to add an additional field in the Incident view screen to capture additional details for an incident. 

The application developer at Apex Global opens the forms related to the Incident screen and adds the new field, updates the other forms as required, and then validates the field in the PWA screens.


To add custom fields to a PWA screen, you must perform the following high-level tasks:

  1. Find the backend forms to which you want to add custom fields.
    For example, the following AR System forms need to be modified to add custom fields to the Incident view:

    OperationForm name
    ReadHPD:Help Desk

    SLM Join


  2. Open the form in Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode (the default).
  3. Add new fields to the form as required.
    Depending on the view and the forms that it contains, you may have to copy the field to other related forms.

  4. Flush the mid tier, and validate that you can view the field.
  5. Clear the browser cache. 


The PWA application displays the custom fields that you need for your process.

  1. In a browser, log in to PWA.
    For example, <serverName>:8080/arsys/pwa/#/login
    The port number may vary or may not be required based on the configuration in your environment.
  2. Change the URL to include the Progressive View form that you created in  Developer Studio .
    The PWA screen displays the interface that you created. 


Adding custom fields is a quick way to modify workflows and processes for your specific requirements. 

Examples of customizing BMC Helix ITSM with Progressive Web Application

The following video (2:08) provides examples of customizing BMC Helix ITSM with Progressive Web Application.

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