Starting from version 22.2, the documentation for BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and Developer Tools resides in a separate space: BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations.

Monitoring services

As an operator, you can view all services on the Services page to get quick insight about service health and availability. 

The Services page displays all services from the following components:

  • Service models and service blueprints created and managed in BMC Helix AIOps.
  • Groups published as services in BMC Helix Operations Management.
  • All business services from BMC Helix Discovery.
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To monitor services

  1. Click Services to view the Services page. 
    The Services page displays the count of services categorized by service severity.
  2. (Optional) Click a service severity to view or hide services of that severity. 
  3. (Optional) Enter a service name in the search box and click search. The search results are retained even if you switch between the Tile view or the Heatmap view.
  4. (Optional) Next to Views, select one of the following views:
    • Heatmap view : By default, services are displayed in the heatmap view. Displays the service details in a hierarchical format and each service in the heatmap is color-coded by severity as shown in the following images. You can click on any service to view the service details page.

    • Tile view : Each tile represents a service and displays the service name, service impact score, and the count of events, incidents, and total impacted CI count associated with the service. You can click on any service tile to view the service details page.
  5. (If you are a Service Designer) Click , to create a new service model. For more information, see Modeling services.
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