Copying custom configurations to overlays

With version 9.1.01, BMC Virtual Chat introduces overlays to preserve custom configurations, as described in Overlays for Self Service Portal custom configuration. When you upgrade from an earlier version, the installer copies your existing configurations and prefixes them with Backup_, as in Backup_ Application Portal - Interface. The backup configurations are disabled. The new configurations are installed; the new configurations do not include your customizations. This topic describes how to copy your existing custom configurations to overlays.

Before you begin

Review the data in the backup configurations to determine the following:

  • Which backup configurations contain customizations
  • Which cuztomizations you want to carry forward

You might find it helpful to compare the backup configuration with the current configuration.

To copy customization from backup to a configuration overlay

  1. From the Virtual Chat Administration Console, select Self Service Portal > Configuration.
  2. To view all configurations, select theShow Disabled checkbox.
  3. Select the backup configuration and click Modify.
  4. Copy the portion of the backup configuration that you want in the overlay. Copy one or more entire XML elements. Copy only the XML elements that you customized.


    You can paste XML elements into a text editor, such as Notepad.

  5. Close the backup configuration.
  6. Select the configuration (not the backup), and click Modify.
  7. Click Create Overlay.
    If this is a level 1 configuration, the entire configuration is loaded in the overlay mode. If this is a level 2 configuration, instructions for level 2 overlays are displayed.
  8. If this is a level 1 configuration, replace the XML element with the XML element that you copied from your backup.
  9. If this is a level 2 configuration, paste the XML element or elements that you customized. Optionally, you can delete the instructions for level 2 overlays.>
  10. Save the overlay.
  11. In the Self Service Portal Configuration screen, click Apply.
  12. In the Registered Servlets table, select the ESChat servlet, and click Refresh Servlets.

To enable overlays

The eschat servlet uses overlays only if they are enabled. Otherwise, the eschat servlet uses the base configurations, and your custom configurations in the overlays are ignored.

  1. From the Virtual Chat Administration Console, selectSelf Service Portal > Configuration.
  2. SelectUse Overlays and click Apply.
  3. In the Registered Servlets table, select the ESChat servlet, and click Refresh Servlets.


After you copy your custom configurations from backup to overlays, and enable overlays, the Self Service Portal reflects your custom configurations.

Optionally, after you verify that you copied all your custom configurations from the backup configurations, you can delete the backup configurations.

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