This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Service Request Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using this documentation

Learn how to effectively locate information in the product documentation. Also, find out how to provide feedback on the product documentation and how to generate your own PDF of specific documentation topics.

The following video (04:16) gives you a quick tour of the documentation portal:

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Overview of the BMC product documentation portal -

To select another version of the product

When you find documentation from a search engine such as a Google search, you might be looking at documentation for an older version of the product. 

  1. Open a topic in the product documentation.
  2. In Product version section in the navigation pane, click the version number. 
  3. From the list of product documentation versions, select a version.

    After you select a version from the list, the same topic opens if it's available in the selected version. If the topic is not available or has a different title, the home page of the selected version is displayed and you can search for the specific content.

To search the documentation

Type of searchDescription

Only this product documentation search

Use this search to find information specific to one product or a solution.

You can use this space-level search to find product-specific information such as concepts, architecture, access and navigation, integration, and troubleshooting.

This search box is located along with the left navigation pane on the specific product documentation set page as shown in the following image:

All documentation search.

Use this search to find information about documentation for different BMC products or solutions.

This search box is located on all documentation pages as shown in the following image:

You can find all product documentation on the  Documentation portal Open link .

To provide feedback on the documentation

Use the options that are available at the bottom of every page to provide feedback on the documentation:

Feedback optionDescription
Was This Page Helpful?

You can take this short survey at the bottom of a page. Your feedback is only visible to the BMC Documentation team. If you are not logged in to the documentation portal, your feedback is recorded anonymously. 

The bottom of every page includes the following feedback form:

If you select   No , an additional form i s displayed as shown in the following image:

Comments box 

To share helpful tips about the documented concepts or tasks, alternative solutions, or notify us about an error or misleading statement on the page, use the commenting box to enter comments.

You must be logged in to leave a comment or reply to a comment.

After you leave a comment, the documentation team is notified and will address your comment.

To ask a question about a product or suggest an idea for a product

Leave a comment on a page to ask questions about a product concept or tasks associated with it.

To suggest an idea for a product

  1. Log in to BMC Community with your Support ID.
  2. Search for the product for which you want to share your idea.
  3. Navigate to the Ideas tab.
  4. Search for an idea or submit a new idea.

For information about searching and sharing a new idea, see the following pages:

  • Ideas FAQ on BMC Community Open link (Support login ID required)
  • Video about submitting ideas on BMC Community Open link  (Support login ID required)

To generate your own PDF or a Word file

If you are logged in to the documentation portal, you can create a PDF of a page or a set of pages. You can also create a Word document of the current page.

  1. Log in to the documentation portal and open the page that you want to export.
  2. From the Export menu, select from the following formats:
    • Export to Word - To export the current page to Word format.
    • Export to PDF - To export the current page or a set of pages to PDF.
  3. (PDF export only) Select from the following options:
    • Only this page - To export the current page.
    • This page and its children - To export a set of pages.
    For example, selecting  This page and its children  from the home page exports the entire space to PDF.

You can also generate a custom PDF of pages with specific labels. For example, if you want to generate a PDF of all the best practices in the documentation, select the export PDF option, click Show details,and specify the appropriate label in the Include field as shown in the following image:

To pin pages to save for later

Pin pages for your reference during future visits and to limit searches to your set of pinned pages. 

  1. Log in to the documentation portal.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to bookmark.
  3. Click in the toolbar, and then click  Pin this page.
    To remove a saved page from your list, click Unpin this page.

To build a list of your favorite links to topics across all product documentation, see Favorite products and saved pages Open link .

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