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What is BMC Service Request Management?

In BMC Service Request Management, a request is the service offering that is generated from a service request definition (SRD). BMC Service Request Management provides an online service catalog from which employees can view and request services that are available to them. Users, support, and automated tools can view and submit requests from the request catalog. A service request is the parent object that manages and tracks the execution of a selected SRD.

The IT department and other business departments within a company can define offered services, publish those services in the service catalog, and automate the fulfillment of those services for their users. With BMC Service Request Management, users can help themselves, which reduces the number of requests coming into the service desk, and enables IT professionals to focus on more mission-critical activities. Service Request Management also provides the ability to automate workflows for each service, enforcing consistency of process and faster fulfillment of the request.

BMC Service Request Management shares a common foundation with BMC Remedy ITSM — both applications are built on BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System. BMC Service Request Management leverages the foundational elements of the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (for example, workflow, approvals, task management, notification, and email). This integration platform simplifies and reduces the management costs.

BMC Service Request Management also captures the relationships between catalog items and business service definitions through its integration with the Atrium Service Catalog.

BMC Service Request Management is integrated with BMC Service Level Management so that request service targets are rolled into comprehensive service level agreements and contracts. BMC Service Request Management is also integrated with BMC Knowledge Management, BMC Change Management, and BMC Incident Management, and you can integrate BMC Service Request Management with other third-party applications.

The following topics provide more information about BMC Service Request Management:

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