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Benefits of BMC Service Request Management

BMC Service Request Management helps customers to find and request services. BMC Service Request Management helps internal groups manage customer expectations, such as providing information about the level of service employees should expect if their PC hard drive breaks or if they have forgotten a password. 

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In addition, support organizations do not always understand how much money is spent on service fulfillment or its quality. They frequently do not know where requests are coming from, what types of requests they receive most often, what their service goals are, and whether they are meeting those goals. BMC Service Request Management helps Support organizations to understand customer expectations and how to fulfill them. BMC Service Request Management can show the value that support organizations provide to the business by demonstrating the actual cost of the services they offer and providing insight into the resources that are needed to provide certain kinds of services.

Following are some of the benefits of using BMC Service Request Management:

  • Standardized catalog of requests — A web user interface, users can review the available requests to which they are entitled, submit requests, and see their status online. Requests are described in simple language, not jargon. Service providers can set expectations by describing how much requests cost and how long it takes to fulfill them. Most important, service providers can set clear expectations about when the requests will be fulfilled.
  • Integration of request catalog with fulfillment processes — Requests are transparently connected to fulfillment processes and providers to ensure that service delivery is consistent and cost effective.
  • Tracking and management of requests from start to finish — You can build and manage service targets for the delivery of all requests through the entire life cycle of the request. For example, you can demonstrate that a request for a new server will take four days to fulfill. You can make sure that request fulfillment is on time and meets customer satisfaction. This tracking enables you to effectively manage customer demand, your resources, and business costs.
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