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Configuring BMC Remedy Smart Reporting in Smart IT

If BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) is installed on BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) 9.0 or later, universal client users can access BMC Remedy Smart Reporting (Smart Reporting) from the Smart IT. To do so, the administrator must configure Smart Reporting in the Smart IT database (DB). However, the administrator must first ensure that the Smart Reporting server or the Centralized Configuration server (CCS) that is configured with the Smart Reporting server is available. Also, users who will access Smart Reporting from Smart IT must be onboarded to the Smart Reporting server. For information about the onboarding process in Smart Reporting, see "Onboarding BMC Remedy Smart Reporting" in Related topics.  To configure Smart Reporting settings, the administrator runs the configuration utility.


  • Run Configuration.bat -h to display help for running the configuration utility.
  • Run Configuration.bat -v to display the utility version.
  • You can connect to the Oracle DB by using Oracle SID. Smart IT does not support Oracle ServiceName.


Running the configuration utility

  1. Extract from the SmartIT/SmartITonboardingTool folder, to a folder on the Smart IT server (for example, c:\utility\). 
    For more information, see the readme file in the file.

  2. Provide the Smart IT DB and Smart Reporting server information, and run configuration.bat.

    c:\utility\configuration.bat -dbv oracle -dbh -dbt 1521 -dbs UNIVERSE -dbu system -dbsc MyITSM_BUSINESS -dbp dbpassword -dbo i -T 000000000000001 -rsh -rsu siadmin -rsp siadmin -rsc bmc

    In this example, the following definitions apply:

    dbv = SmartIT DB vendor (sql/oracle)

    dbh = SmartIT DB host name

    dbt = SmartIT DB TCP port 

    dbs = SmartIT DB SID

    dbu = DB Admin User, this is the user which customers use to connect to the SmartIT DB (its usually the Admin user who has access to SmartIT_Business)

    dbp = DB Admin password 

    dbsc = SmartIT DB Schema Name, this the DB Schema where the configuration_Params table exists. This is usually the SmartIT_Business. 

    T = Tenant ID (the default value is 000000000000001)

    rsh = Report server URL

    rsu = Report server Admin user, this is the admin user of Smart Reporting, usually the siadmin.

    rsp = Report server Admin password

    rsc = Report server Customer Name, this is the customer name against which the Smart Reporting users are onboarded.


    If the CCS is configured and Smart Reporting information is present in the CCS (in BMC Remedy Mid Tier, you can configure Smart Reporting and CCS), you can use CCS information for a tenant instead of the Smart Reporting server information, for example:

    c:\utility\configuration.bat -dbv sql -dbh -dbt 1433 -dbs MyITSM -dbu sa -dbsc MyITSM_BUSINESS -dbp dbpassword9 -ccsh clm-pun-007878 -ccsu Allen -ccsp password -ccst 0 -ccsc bmc

    In this example, the following definitions apply:

    ccsh = Centralized Configuration server host

    ccsu = Centralized Configuration server Admin user

    ccsp = Centralized Configuration server Admin password

    ccst = Centralized Configuration server TCP port

    ccsc = Centralized Configuration server cluster ID (if multiple tenants exist, each tenant name must be passed.)


    If both the Smart Reporting server and the CCS are configured for a tenant, the Smart Reporting server information is considered for opening BMC Remedy Smart Reporting from Smart IT.

    The configuration utility generates a log file in the format configuration_yyyymmdd_currenttime.log (for example, configuration_2015714_1436877229476.log) in the same folder. A message confirming successful execution is displayed on the console.

    Thirty minutes after successful configuration, the Reports menu is displayed on the Smart IT menu bar. Similarly, any configuration activity involving adding, removing, or updating the Smart Reporting server or CCS is reflected in Smart IT after 30 minutes. If the information does not appear within that time frame, clear the browser cache and log on to Smart IT. If you configure Smart Reporting in Smart IT by providing CCS info or Smart Reporting info at the time of tenant onboarding, or if you restart the Smart IT server, the Reports menu is displayed immediately on the Smart IT menu bar.

  3. To access Smart Reporting, click Reports.

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.


  1. Steven Casey

    I don't see any link for "Accessing Smart Reports" anywhere that actually works

    Mar 23, 2017 09:56
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Steven,

      'Accessing Smart reports' is a label that we have tagged with this topic to help people search for this topic. It is not a link.



      Mar 25, 2017 07:32
  2. Phindiwe Moshoele


    I need to please ask if there is a place where I can manually change the smart reporting configs.

    I need to roll back the changes i made but when i run the script with the new sr server details they are not taking affect at all. 

    Please help 



    Aug 01, 2017 06:42
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Phindiwe,

      Thanks for writing to us. I will consult Smart IT SMEs and get back to you. To help us resolve the issue, could you confirm which Smart IT version are you using, and also details about the 'new sr server'.

      It seems you are still using Smart IT version 1.2. We have recently released version 1.6. Could you upgrade to this version for using the new and enhanced features. For more details you may contact the Support team.



      Aug 01, 2017 12:26
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Phindiwe,

      Could you re-run the the Smart Reporting configuration utility with the changes that you want to implement. If this doesn't work, you need to contact the Support team to resolve the issue.




      Aug 02, 2017 03:20
      1. Phindiwe Moshoele

        Hi Rakhi 


        We found something in the DB, looks like it is getting changed too https somehow. 

        So we are enquiring with the F5 team just so we cover all our basis then if that fails we will raise a call with Support.

        Thanks for the reply really appreciate it (smile)




        Aug 02, 2017 03:27