This documentation supports the 20.15.02 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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This space contains information about the BMC Remedyforce 20.15.02 (Spring 15) release.

BMC Remedyforce is designed to meet your business requirements by automating your service desk processes and lowering the cost of support operations. BMC Remedyforce is a cloud-enabled service desk with an easy-to-use interface that suits the service needs of many departments.



What's new

Announcement, October 19, 2015

BMC Software announces the release of Patch 2.1.1 for version 20.15.02 .

For an overview of the new features in 20.15.02, see 20.15.02 enhancements.

For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

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  • To learn about installing or upgrading BMC Remedyforce, see Installing or Upgrading.

    If you are using profiles or custom permission sets to manage permissions for your users, you have to manually update permissions after your organization is upgraded to the latest version of BMC Remedyforce. You must perform these procedures for both self-upgrade and automatic upgrade. If you are upgrading from a few releases prior to the latest release, you must update permissions for each interim release.

    For information about updating permissions and enabling new features in the current and previous releases, see Post-upgrade procedures repository.

  • To learn about the release, upgrade, and maintenance schedules, see Release schedules.

  • To learn about configuring your trial environment, navigating through BMC Remedyforce, and evaluating the different BMC Remedyforce modules, see Configuring and using the BMC Remedyforce Trial environment.

  • To find content in the online documentation that was previously provided in PDF format, see FAQs and additional resources.

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