Creating target definitions

To create target definitions, use the Plex Manager TGTDEF view and one of the following commands:
  • ADD displays the ADD TARGET DEFINITION panel, which enables you to create or update a single target definition at a time

  • GENERATE automatically creates a target definition for each target that appears on the TGTACT (PLEX) view with a status of Active

Dynamic target definitions are saved in BBPARM member BBMTXP00. They are appended to the end of an in-core list of JNT entries from BBIJNT00 when the dynamic target definition is installed (either when the CAS starts or when the TGTDEF INSTALL command is issued). See Accessing target context definitions (TGTDEF view) for information about the TGTDEF view and information about saving and installing dynamic target definitions.

Ensure that each PAS has a CAS connection. Each PAS with access to dynamic targets must have a connection to a CAS. The connection is defined by parameter CASID=xxxx in UBBPARM member BBISSP00.

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