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Accessing target context definitions (TGTDEF view)

This procedure describes how to access target context definitions (the TGTDEF view)

To access the TGTDEF view

In Plex Manager, perform one of the following actions:
  • Display the TGTDEFL view, as described in Displaying a list of BBPARM target context definition members, and select a BBPARM member for display, as described in Displaying a target context definition member.

  • Type the following command on the COMMAND line and press EnterTGTDEF SUFFIX( nn)

    where nn is the two-digit suffix of the BBPARM member that you want to display.

  • From any MainView product that is running in windows mode, use the following CONtext command to access Plex Manager and display the TGTDEF view: 

The TGTDEF view is displayed.

ddmmmyyyy  hh:mm:ss ------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( --------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>
 W1 =TGTDEF===========MVSB=====*========(00 BROWSE        )====PLEXMGR==D====6
CMD Target   Product  CAS      Server   Description                     Instal
--- Name---- -------- Name---- -------- ------------                    Status
    MVSB     PLEXMGR  MVSB     PLEXMGR  PLEXMGR on System B             Instal
    MVSB     MVMVS    MVSB     BBMMVSB  MVMVS on System B               Instal
    MVSB     CMF      MVSB     BBMMVSB  CMF on System B                 Instal
    MVSC     PLEXMGR  MVSC     PLEXMGR  PLEXMGR on System C             Instal
    MVSC     MVMVS    MVSC     BBMMVSC  MVMVS on System C               Instal
    MVSC     CMF      MVSC     BBMMVSC  CMF on System C                 Instal

For more information about any field in the TGTDEF view, place the cursor on the field and press the Help key.

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Managing target context definitions

See Managing target contexts for more information about TGTDEF commands.

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