Special considerations

Note the following considerations when using dynamically defined targets:
  • If multiple target definitions are defined for the same CICS region, the first one found in the combined BBIJNT00 and BBMTXP00 in-memory list is used.

  • Target definitions specified in the BBIJNT00 member override dynamic target definitions in the BBMTXP00 member.

  • You cannot modify existing targets that are defined in the BBIJNT00 member from the TGTDEF view. If you attempt to modify targets, the changes are ignored.

  • Historical (CMRDETL) data is not available online for inactive CICS regions that are defined dynamically.

  • Do not create a dynamic target definition that uses an ALIAS that is the name of another CICS JOB or STC.

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  1. Feli Brachthaeuser

    Hello, Can you please check and put a note on this page what impact dynamic target have when invoking fullscreen ser vices like LPA? Thanks Feli

    Apr 20, 2020 02:38