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This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Responding with quick texts

Quick texts are common messages or questions that agents use when chatting with a user so that the interaction speeds up for both the support agent and the user. 

For example: Good Afternoon, how may I help you?, Have a great day.

Live Chat includes sample quick text that you can use, or you can create your own quick text. Administrators and agents can create quick texts for easy use in a chat session with a user. Quick texts that are created by administrators cannot be edited by agents. Quick texts that are created by an agent can be edited.

The following image shows how quick texts are marked as editable or non-editable:

Additional quick text options

An agent can use the following additional options to make quick texts faster and more efficient:

Additional quick text optionDescription
Quick Text GroupsQuick text responses can be grouped together to make them easier to find. Such groups are helpful if many quick text responses exist and finding them in the long list is time consuming. 
For example, an agent can use a Customer Greetings group that contains quick text responses related to initial greeting messages, such as How are you?Hello! How can I help you today?, or Can I help you today? 
If quick text grouping is enabled, then quick texts that are not added to any group is displayed under Ungrouped Quick Texts. 
If an agent searches for a quick text from a group, the results are displayed based on the following conditions: 
  • If the search text matches a quick text group name, all texts under that group are displayed. 
  • If the search does not match any group name, then the system searches for quick text itself and not the group, and displays the matching texts. 
  • If a group is selected when an agent searches for a quick text, the search is limited to only those texts under the selected group. 
Quick Text Type AheadA quick text response can have an associated type-ahead prefix that enables an agent to type only a few characters to locate the associated quick text. You can search for a particular quick text response by typing # and a few characters to locate the associated quick text. The type-ahead prefix is case insensitive.
For example, an agent can type #VER or #ver to bring up the quick text response What version of the software are you using? 
The type-ahead search for quick text is performed on the content in Label and Quick Response Text fields. 

The following image is an example of grouped and ungrouped quick texts:

The following image is an example of how quick texts are displayed when quick text groups are disabled:

Before you begin

To use quick text in your response

  1. Click the # button at the bottom of the chat window.
  2. Select the text or response from the list of quick text messages.
    The available quick text messages are displayed. If Quick Text Groups are enabled, all the quick texts within a group are displayed under the group name. The quick text groups are sorted alphabetically.
    The following image shows the quick text messages under the group Start

           The message is sent to the self-service user.

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