Phased rollout


This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Responding with quick links

As an agent, you can share hyperlinks with the end users in the following ways:

  • Quick links—Quick links are links that you frequently share with users to troubleshoot, resolve issues, and speed up the interaction. Administrators and agents can create quick links. Quick links that are created by administrators cannot be edited by agents, whereas quick links that are created by an agent can be edited. 
  • URLs in a chat message—URLs are the hyperlinks that you copy and paste in a chat message during a conversation. By default, the URLs pasted in a chat message are not clickable. Administrators can enable clickable URLs from the Virtual Chat Administration Console. 
  1.  In an open chat session with a user, click the # button at the bottom of the chat window.
  2. Select the link from the list. The quick links are denoted by .
    The link is sent to the user along with message defined for the link.

Quick links have an associated type-ahead prefix that enables an agent to type only a few characters to locate the associated quick link. You can search for a particular quick link response by typing # and a few characters to locate the associated link. The type-ahead prefix is case insensitive.

For example, an agent can type #BMC or #bmc to bring up the BMC Home page quick link. 

The type-ahead search for quick links is performed on the content in Label, Message, Link Label, and URL fields. 

Interacting with chat users

Responding with quick texts

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