This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Live Chat.
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Changing the company logo

Company logos are one of the most commonly changed items. To change the logo that appears on the Self Service Portal, point to your company logo file name and location in the Self Service Portal configuration.

To change the logo in Self Service Portal

  1. Create the logo image and put in a location in the Tomcat directory on the BMC Remedy Mid Tier server.
    Example: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7.0\webapps\eschat\resources\images\customer_header.png 

    For environments with multiple BMC Remedy Mid Tier servers, add the file to the same Tomcat directory for each server.

  2. Open the Self Service Portal Configuration tool.
  3. Modify the Interfaces entry.


    You must repeat this procedure for each language.

  4. Find the <new-ui> tag. If the <new-ui> tag is not present, you can add it before closing the </interface> tag.  

  5. At the end before the closing curly bracket } and closing </new-ui> tag, add the following line along with the comma:


    The result should look something like the following example:

    Example of custom logo definition
    . . .
        "msg_userCanceledChat": "System Message: {0} has cancelled chat",
        "tabs": [
                "id": "chat",
                "name": "Chat",
                "iconCode": "__icon-comments",
                "classAppender": "first"
                "id": "open_items",
                "name": "Open Items",
                "iconCode": "__icon-file_text",
                "classAppender": "middle"
                "id": "links",
                "name": "Quick Links",
                "iconCode": "__icon-link",
                "classAppender": "middle"
                "id": "alerts",
                "name": "Alerts",
                "iconCode": "__icon-exclamation_circle tab",
                "classAppender": "last"
        ,"img_header": "resources/images/custom_header.png"
  6. Copy the text between <new-ui> and </new-ui> (starting from { and ending with }) to the clipboard, open any json validator (for example, paste the text, and validate it.

  7. Correct errors in the text, if any.

  8. Verify that Status is set to Enabled.

  9. Click Save.

  10. On the Self Service Portal Configuration window click Refresh Servlets and click OK.

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