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Asking standard questions from a questionnaire

Questionnaires are created by the administrator and typically include a series of questions that support agents commonly ask self-service users. 

For example, agents typically need to know basic system information before troubleshooting a problem. The user must respond to the current question before the script asks the next question. BMC Live Chat includes sample questionnaires that the support agents can use, or an administrator can create a new questionnaire. 

To use the questionnaire in a chat session, ensure that the administrator has created the questionnaire.

To run a questionnaire

  1. In an open chat session with a user, click the # button at the bottom of the chat window.
  2. Select the questionnaire from the list. 
    The questionnaire is denoted by curly brackets { }.

  3. In the Questionnaire dialog box, click Run to start the questionnaire. 
    To close the questionnaire menu without selecting any questionnaire, from the Questionnaire dialog box, select Close.

The questionnaire runs and displays the first question to the self-service user. When the user responds to the question, the script continues with the next question. The agent cannot interrupt the questionnaire after it has started. 

If an agent tries to start a new questionnaire while the current questionnaire is still running, the following error is generated:

A Questionnaire is already running. To run a Questionnaire, wait until the current one is finished.

A questionnaire has an associated type-ahead prefix that enables an agent to type only a few characters to locate the associated questionnaire. You can search for a particular questionnaire by typing # and a few characters to locate the associated quick text. The type-ahead prefix is case insensitive.

For example, an agent can type #INI or #ini to bring up the questionnaire Initial Welcome and Gather User Information.

The type-ahead search for a questionnaire is performed on the content in the Question Script Name and General Question Script fields. 

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