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Loading KMS:Associations form data


Only perform this procedure if you are running Knowledge Management System 7.5.x, or earlier, on your production server.

If you are using Remedy Knowledge Management 7.5.x in your current production environment, make the following modifications to the Custom_Form_Instruction.xml file located in the Packages\Custom folder. 


If you are using Knowledge Management System 7.5.x or earlier, you cannot use the Delta Data Migration Tool to import knowledge articles. However, you still must load the KMS:Associations form data from your Knowledge Management System production server to the staging server, as described in the following procedure. This form data enables integration of the BMC Knowledge Management System with the BMC Service Desk applications.

To load KMS:Associations form data

  1. Modify the Custom_Form_Instruction.xml file, and add the data element for the KMS:Associations with the unique ID set to 179.
  2. Follow the standard delta data migration process to migrate the custom application data and all other application data, as described in Extending Delta Data Migration to include customizations, Manually adding custom forms to the package

Where to go from here

Performing the data migration

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