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Case insensitivity correction during validation

The validate step automatically converts the letter case of values on staging forms for the supported data type fields so that the case is the same as the case used for the values on the parent form. This correction function helps to reduce the number of errors generated during the dataload validate step.


Case insensitivity correction does not occur for records in the following parent staging forms:

  • Company
  • Site
  • People Organization
  • Support Group

If there is more than one field with the same alias type on a staging form, the case insensitivity correction function only replaces values on the primary field with the same field ID as the parent form of this alias type.

The validate step runs automatically when you choose to run a dataload.

Case conversion of a value occurs when:

  • The parent record of a data type field exists in the system or the parent staging form, and the case of parent record name is different from the value on the current staging form
  • The value is an alias, it exists in the alias mapping form, and the case of the alias is different from the value on the current staging form

Case conversion of a value does not occur if there is a record with the same case and value on the parent form (in the system or staging form) of the same data type.

Case conversion changes the value on the current staging form to match the parent record or alias.

The following data type fields are supported:

  • Company
  • Site
  • Department
  • Organization
  • Support group
  • Support organization

The out-of-the-box DMT:SYS:CleanseFields form is used as the control form for achieving the case insensitivity function. The form includes records which provide the following information:

  • Category
  • Form name
  • Field ID
  • Field name
  • Data type
  • Parent target form
  • Parent staging form name


    You cannot modify or create records on the DMT:SYS:CleanseFields form unless you have customized the staging forms.


    The current system contains a company record with the name ABC Company.

    1. You create a record on the Load People staging form with the Company field being abc company. You run a dataload which triggers the validation process.
    2. The case insensitivity function checks if abc company (with the exact case) exists on either the Company form, Load Company staging form, or alias mapping form, and does not perform case conversion if abc company is found.
    3. In this case the record is not found, so it coverts abc company on the staging form to ABC Company to match the record on the company form. Case conversion only occurs if all the letters match but the case is different.
    4. Validation then runs on the converted value ABC Company, and the validation is completed successfully.

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