This documentation supports the releases of BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and BMC Helix Developer Tools 22.2.00 and their patches. To view the documentation for earlier releases, see BMC Helix AIOps.

Downloading and installing connectors for third-party integrations

A connector is a container that facilitates data collection and consumption from the integrated solutions. It provides a runtime environment that enables communication with BMC Helix Platform.

As an administrator, first download and install the connector to enable the addition of integrations. You can use a single connector for multiple integrations. However, for better performance, we recommend that you use separate connectors for each integration. 

The following types of connectors are available:

  • Docker connector: Download and install these connectors in Linux-based environment. Use these connectors to collect data from Linux, cloud-based applications.
  • Windows connectors: Download and install these connectors on Windows servers to collect data from Windows-based applications.

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