Additional storage, integration, and environment options

This topic provides the following information about add-on services for BMC Helix offerings:

A subscription to your BMC Helix service includes support for the following integrations, per environment:

  • 1 BMC Helix Client Gateway connection, if required
  • 1 authentication source, if required
  • 1 email integration, if required
  • 1 FTP site, if required
  • 1 ODBC, if required 

For additional mailbox requests with your BMC Helix ITSM and/or BMC Helix Business Workflows subscription service, please submit a Support Case. BMC Support holds the right to reach out should there be any concerns with your additional mailbox request. 

BMC Helix additional storage option

The BMC Helix additional storage option provides 50 GB or 1 TB of additional database storage space for each service's environments (production and non-production). Your core subscription already includes 4 TB of storage for BMC Helix service management subscription services.

This is usually sufficient for most implementations. However, if you have large attachments, more than two years of data, and so on, you can use this option to increase the size of your data store. Additional storage, if purchased, is applied to each environment (standard environments plus any additional environments purchased).


You must purchase the additional storage option for each service where additional storage is needed. For example, if you subscribe to both the BMC Helix Remedy Service Management and BMC Helix Custom Applications services and additional storage is needed for both, you would need to purchase a quantity of two for this option. The additional storage would then be applied to each environment under both services.

BMC Helix non-standard integration option

BMC Helix services provide robust support for integrations between your applications and third-party services in hybrid environments.

Additionally, your subscription includes support for published interfaces (for example, web services and BMC Remedy AR System APIs), as long as the integration does not require additional infrastructure. See Integrations for a comprehensive list of supported integration mechanisms.

The BMC Helix non-standard integration option provides for the support of an additional integration to the BMC Helix solution when needed. Use this option when there is:

  • Implication for a supported component, such as an additional gateway connection
  • Additional FTP directories required (each non-standard integration purchased entitles you to one additional FTP site)
  • An approved integration method that is considered a customization – for example, an integration that uses a published web service will not require this option. However, if an integration uses an approved Java filter (which is considered a customization), you will be required to purchase the BMC Helix non-standard integration option for each filter.
  • Additional ODBC accounts required (each non-standard Integration purchased entitles you to up to five additional ODBC accounts)


Customers remain solely responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of the integration itself. This work may be performed by BMC Global Services or a trusted partner under a separate contract.

BMC Helix additional environment option

Your BMC Helix core subscription includes a standard set of environments as defined in the BMC Helix services section for each service. The additional environment option provides an additional non-production environment for your Helix service if needed. Examples of how an additional environment is used include a dedicated training environment, a systems integration testing environment, an extra development sandbox, and so on. Extra environments are available for an additional monthly subscription fee and are entitled to the same storage and license capacities as the standard environments.

You are required to purchase an additional environment for each BMC Helix service family. For example, if you need an additional environment for your Service Management services including, but not limited to, Helix ITSM, Helix Digital Workplace, Helix Business Workflows services, Helix Virtual Agent, you need to buy a quantity of one BMC Helix Additional Environment. If you also need an additional environment for your Operations Management services including, but not limited to, Helix Operations Management, Helix Continuous Optimization, Helix Discovery, you will need to purchase another environment. BMC Helix customers will require a maximum of two purchases for one additional environment containing all subscriptions services under both Service Management and Operations Management service families.  


This option may also be required if you are migrating from an on-premises Remedy system and require the use of a separate staging box for data processing activities. You will need to purchase the additional environment only for the duration of the migration project.

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