Service environment details

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Standard environments

The types of environments provided will vary by Helix subscription service.  Please refer to the information detailed in the BMC Helix Core services table for which environments are provided by a particular service.

  • Development / Tailoring
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Production

Separate customer environments are provisioned for your BMC Helix services. Application updates flow from the development/tailoring environment through QA before going live in production. These environments contain the most recent generally available (GA) version of the products and out-of-the-box content (including services, templates, requests, catalogs, and so on), pre-installed from a golden image. Following the solution build and test, the environment is moved to QA so that the customer can perform the required user acceptance testing prior to going live. For services where a QA environment is not provided, user acceptance testing is performed in the development environment.

Development / TailoringCreation of customer-specific integrations, workflow, and data configurations
Quality Assurance (QA)Release, testing, and validation of your custom application components prior to live operation
ProductionOperation of your BMC Helix processes which are available to end users


Additional environments for training, secondary testing, and other activities are available for an additional monthly fee. See BMC Helix additional environment option for more information.

Environments are available to customers at all times and do not require a request to be created for provisioning. Customer data is logically segregated from other customers data. 

Services are hosted and delivered from secure data center facilities. To review a list of BMC Helix public and private hosting locations, please visit Service Locations. Your BMC hosting location, datacenters, and additional subprocessor details are outlined within your SaaS contract. 

BMC Helix subscription services and data stores are spread out across availability zones with active-active configuration for the production environment to meet a highly available architecture. Backup data is stored at a separate location or zone, but always within the same country. These zones are distinct locations within a region that are engineered to be isolated from failures in other availability zones. 

Customer environments are controlled, monitored, and managed by BMC SaaS Operations (BMC Cloud locations also include the underpinning application and infrastructure aspects of the service). Areas of focus include hosting, storage, network, application software, and the connectivity between the cloud and the customers' premises. Additionally, the service includes the management of standard operational activities such as data and system backup, and recovery.


Full application access is provided to customers for their development environment only. Access to the QA and production environments is restricted.

Non-production environments

BMC Helix Service Management non-production environments, including development, QA and any additional environments purchased, are not scaled to the same specification as the production system and therefore are not capable of processing production-level workloads. Non-production systems are not configured for high availability but are scaled to sufficiently handle the following workloads:

  • Development: up to 50
  • QA: up to 50 

Environment naming conventions

BMC employs standard naming conventions for its customer environments depending on how the environment is to be used. Environment naming conventions are listed under the Activation activities page for each service.

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  1. Gerardo Sumano

    Hi, for Helix Operations Management (Monitor) Do we have three environments too?

    Feb 23, 2021 04:10
  2. Dony Sheppard

    Gerardo Sumano When you follow the link provided by Martha you will find that for BMC Helix Operations Management we are only providing two environments.

    One Production instance and One Dev instance.



    Jul 20, 2021 03:57