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Release notes and notices
updated 14 Jun

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June 14, 2023

Updates available in this release:

  • Increase in the maximum limit for bulk event operations
  • Migrate dynamic enrichment policies between tenants
  • Reuse dynamic enrichment policy configurations
  • Associate entity details to an event

23.2 enhancements and patches

May 08, 2023

Updates available in this release:

  • Audit event classes, event policies, and blackout policies
  • Add multiple time-based policy configurations
  • View the event timestamp based on the time zone
  • Usability improvements for event policies
  • Access self-help resources with in-app help

23.2 enhancements and patches

April 07, 2023

Updates available in this release:

  • Skip adding notes to an event
  • Reuse data tables across multiple dynamic enrichment policies
  • Use TMF alarm management REST APIs
  • Visually debug policy workflow errors
  • Migrate policies or rules with the precedence order
  • Rearrange sections on the service details page

23.2 enhancements and patches

Related release notes

Enhancements and patches Open link

Collecting data


As an administrator, identify and collect data that you want to monitor.

Monitoring events and reducing event noise


As an operator, monitor and manage events.

As an administrator, set up event policies to reduce event noise.

Detecting anomalies


As an administrator, set up alarm and variate policies to detect anomalies and eliminate false positives.

Managing maintenance windows


As an administrator, set up blackout policies to manage maintenance windows.

Setting up access control


As an administrator, set up role-based access control and data-level access control.

Policy, event data, and metric data management endpoints in the REST API


As an administrator or developer, use REST API endpoints to manage policies and event data.



As an administrator, use BMC Helix Operations Management to integrate with several products for event and incident management.

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