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23.2 enhancements and patches

Review the  BMC Helix Operations Management enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionSaaSOn premisesFixed issuesUpdates and enhancement
23.2.02(tick)(tick)Known and corrected issuesUpdates
23.2.01(tick)(tick)Known and corrected issuesUpdates
23.2.00(tick)(tick)Known and corrected issues23.2.00 enhancements

For a list of recent updates and enhancements across multiple versions, see Release notes and notices.

BMC applies upgrades as described in BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link . BMC applies upgrades and patches during Maintenance windows Open link .

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Increase in the maximum limit for bulk event operations

On the Events page, perform event operations in bulk on a maximum of 500 events. Previously, you could perform bulk event operations on only 100 events. Configure this limit in the event preferences and save time by processing events in bulk.

For more information, see the following topics:

Migrate dynamic enrichment policies between tenants

Migrate dynamic enrichment policies and the associated data tables to the same or different tenants, For example, from a test to a production tenant. Use the policy export-import feature on the Event Policies page to avoid creating policies manually.

For more information, see the following topics:

Reuse dynamic enrichment policy configurations

Reuse dynamic enrichment policy configurations in another policy by copying dynamic enrichment policies from the Event Policies page.

For more information, see Creating and enabling event policies.

Associate entity details to an event

Associate the node and service details from BMC Discovery to an event by using the following new slots in the Event base event class. Use the entity details in the event to calculate the service health score in  BMC Helix AIOps .

  • _node_key
  • _service_key
  • change_id

For more information, see Event base event class.

View total events, impacting events, and impacting sub-services for impacted services

For an impacted service, the Total Events count indicates the total number of events generated for the service and the Impacting Events count indicates the number of events considered for computing the health score.

If the impact on a child service is higher than a parent service (health score is lower than the parent service) or if there are no events impacting a parent service, instead of Total Events and Impacting Events, the Impacting Sub-Services count is displayed. You can hover over the number to view the names of the impacting child services. For more information, see Monitoring services


Audit event classes, event policies, and blackout policies

Audit user actions on event classes, event policies, and blackout policies by using the BMC Helix Audit Dashboard in BMC Helix Dashboards . View the audit trail of user actions to track the change history and achieve improved user accountability, compliance with organization policies, and system security.

For more information, see the following topics:

Add multiple time-based policy configurations

Add  multiple time-based policy configurations in a single policy to escalate events after a specific duration. This feature saves the time required to create a separate time-based policy to handle each event escalation.

For more information, see the following topics:

View the event timestamp based on the time zone

Use the ToFormattedTimeStamp function to view the event timestamp value in a specific time zone.

For more information, see Return functions.

Usability improvements for event policies

The following improvements are available for event policies:

  • While specifying conditions in the event selection criteria and the policy workflow, use No Bracket as the default option. Specify criteria conditions in a simplified manner by using this option instead of parenthesis.

Without 'No Bracket'

With 'No Bracket' as the default

  • While configuring event policies, distinctly identify the selected action node with a thick border in the policy workflow.

Access self-help resources with in-app help

In-app help is available from a movable widget on every screen. Click the self-help widget to access a product tour, interactive guides, instructions for setting up and going live, and more. In addition, you can continue to find answers to your questions in the online documentation or in our BMC Helix Operations Management YouTube playlist Open link .


The following video (3:11) provides a high-level summary of the new features and enhancements in version 23.2 of BMC Helix Operations Management .

Skip adding notes to an event

When you perform bulk updates on an event, use the skipAddNotes parameter to avoid recording notes for each update and keep the list of notes manageable.

For more information, see the PATCH/events endpoint on Event management endpoints in the REST API.

Reuse data tables across multiple dynamic enrichment policies

Reuse data tables across multiple dynamic enrichment policies to leverage the existing data tables and avoid creating duplicate data tables.

For more information, see Dynamic event enrichment actions.

Use TMF alarm management REST APIs

Use the endpoints listed in the following image to get details of alarms in a format that is compliant with the TMF642 Open API standard by the TM Forum:

For more information, see the following topics:

Visually debug policy workflow errors

Easily debug complex policy workflows in advanced enrichment policies by visually spotting errors. The incorrect policy actions are highlighted as shown in the following image:

Migrate policies or rules with the precedence order

Migrate policies or rules from TrueSight Operations Management  to BMC Helix Operations Management along with their precedence order. With this feature, you avoid having to manually add the precedence order to policies after they are migrated to BMC Helix Operations Management .

For more information, see Preparing for event data migration and Installing and running the event migration utility.

Rearrange sections on the service details page

Use the Move icon  to rearrange sections on the service details page.

For more information, see Monitoring service health.

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