24.1 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix Log Analytics enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionSaaSOn-premisesFixed issuesUpdates and enhancements
Known and corrected issuesUpdates
24.1.00(tick)(tick)Known and corrected issues24.1.00 enhancements

For a list of recent updates and enhancements across multiple versions, see Release notes and notices.

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Known and corrected issues

Enhancements and patches of all Helix products Open link

BMC applies upgrades as described in BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link . BMC applies upgrades and patches during Maintenance windows. Open link .


Detect anomalies

Detect rare and abnormal log patterns in the logs. Create alert policies to generate events that notify you about rare or abnormal log patterns. Alert policies use an ML-based anomaly detection algorithm to identify anomalies and rare patterns quickly even without domain expertise, 

and significantly reduce MTTR.

For more information, see Detecting anomalies from logs.

Use REST APIs to search for logs

Use the log scroll search endpoints to search for logs by using REST APIs. This API enables other services such as BMC Helix AIOps to connect with BMC Helix Log Analytics to retrieve the relevant logs for troubleshooting.

For more information, see Log scroll search endpoints in the REST API


The following video (1:07) provides a high-level summary of the new features and enhancements in version 23.4 of BMC Helix Log Analytics.


Enhanced log collection for Kubernetes

Use the enhanced connector to collect Kubernetes logs by using the agent-aggregator framework. Agents are lightweight instances that are deployed on the hosts where log data is created. Aggregators filter or parse logs before routing them to BMC Helix Log Analytics. With the enhanced Kubernetes connector, you can enjoy benefits such as log data collection at the namespace level, log filtering, and zero downtime during attribute or logic upgrades.

You can easily migrate to the enhanced Kubernetes connector by deleting the old connector and installing the new one with minimal data loss. For more information, see Collecting Kubernetes logs.

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