BMC provides you with the following options to facilitate integrations with BMC and third-party products: 

  • BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations
  • BMC Helix Developer Tools

Both of these products leverage BMC Helix Portal to provide single sign-on authentication for users.

BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations

BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations offers a systematic, automated approach to distributing valuable operations data, including event, metric, and topology information, from  all domains (cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid)  to the  applications  and  teams  best positioned to achieve desired business outcomes. Liberate data from  application, network, storage, database, cloud and other siloed IT operations domains for use in  AIOps, advanced IT analytics, decision support, and visualization tools via a simple, scalable, resilient, and easy-to-configure platform, reducing integration time from months to minutes. 

BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations uses REST APIs and the Webhook mechanism to communicate with a data source. BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations has the following advantages:

  • Enables fast and easy automated integrations
  • Provides continuous data streams from the connected data sources
  • Provides a click-and-connect capability to configure an integration

The following video (3:19) provides a high-level overview of BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations.


BMC Helix Developer Tools

As a tenant administrator, you can use BMC Helix Developer Tools to integrate with multiple products to collect get event, service, and topology data. 

BMC Helix Developer Tools uses a Fluentd-based framework for integration with BMC and third-party solutions to ingest data for monitoring in BMC Helix AIOps. It enables you to build custom integrations for the third-party solutions for which out-of-the-box integrations are not available. It also helps you to build integrations that enable you to collect logs from various sources such as Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, Windows- and Linux-based applications, and so on.

Roles and permissions

In BMC Helix Portal, you can create and edit users and user groups, and assign any of the available permissions, such as creating, modifying, viewing, deleting, or managing objects. However, you cannot create new permissions.

Use the following information for assigning permissions to the BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and BMC Helix Developer Tools users.




Application or ServiceResourcePermission

  • Setting up roles and permissions Open link
  • View all the configured integrations
  • Create, edit, and delete integrations that are created by using BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and BMC Helix Developer Tools

All permissions

BMC Helix Developer Tools

View all the configured integrations


integrations view

  • View all the configured integrations
  • Create, edit, and delete integrations



BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations

View all the configured integrationsStreamweaverintegrationsview

  • View all the configured integrations
  • Create, edit, and delete integrations

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