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Use the Events page in the TrueSight console to view and manage events from a remote cell.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the  TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500 update Open link is applied.
  • Ensure that you have the required permissions to access events from remote cells. For more information, see Remote cell permissions.

To view events from a remote cell

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Monitoring > Events.

  2. Click the Select event source icon .
    The Select Event Source dialog box lists the remote cells under the corresponding Infrastructure Management Servers.


    If you are already viewing events from a remote cell,  is displayed as the Select event source icon.

  3. Select a remote cell and click OK.
    The Events page refreshes and displays events from the remote cell, indicated by .

  4. (Optional) To change the event source to another remote cell, click and select another remote cell.

  5. (Optional) To return to the default view, which displays events from the Infrastructure Management Servers, click the x button.

Where to go from here

On the events, you can perform any of the following procedures: