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Cloud end user

Cloud end users rely on cloud resources to complete their work. For example, they might be responsible for development and test servers, sales demonstration environments, and so on. Cloud end users request services, such as the deployment of virtual machines (VMs), through the BMC My Cloud Services Console. This topic describes the primary tasks for cloud end users of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Request access to the BMC My Cloud Services Console

Cloud end users can request access to the My Services Portal. The cloud administrator provides each user with an account, through which the user requests resources to be commissioned. Accounts enable BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to protect commissioned resources with a random password that is made available to the user of the account. For more information about requesting access to services in the My Cloud Services Console, see Logging on to My Cloud Services Console.

View available resources

Cloud end users can use the BMC My Cloud Services Console to view the resources available to them, based on the access and service configurations defined by the cloud administrator. This library of resources includes standard templates provided by IT, bundles of templates that can be deployed together in sequence, and software packages. Cloud end users can choose a resource from the library and make changes to a range of default properties, such as the memory required, disk size, and so on, according to their specific needs. For more information about viewing resources, see Requesting cloud services.

Request virtual and physical resources

Cloud end users can request virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers from the library of resources. The BMC My Cloud Services Console simplifies this process, navigating the cloud end user through a series of steps, and prompting for information that it needs to complete the process. For example, the cloud end user might specify the amount of memory needed, the size of the virtual disk, the service levels of the compute and storage resources to use, and so on. For more information about requesting resources, see Requesting cloud services.

Manage commissioned resources

Cloud end users can view and make adjustments to their commissioned resources. For example, cloud end users can start and stop a commissioned service, and request an extension to the length of time resources remain commissioned. Cloud end users can also request additional application storage for commissioned systems. For more information about managing commissioned resources, see Managing cloud services.

Assess the health of commissioned resources

Cloud end users can view basic performance information for their commissioned resources. This information helps users determine whether they need more resources from the cloud. The BMC My Cloud Services Console displays current and historical performance metrics for the past five minutes, hour, day, week, month, and year. For more information about assessing the health of commissioned resources, see Monitoring cloud services.

Decommission resources

Though resources are scheduled for decommission when initially commissioned, cloud end users can decommission resources before the scheduled time. Cloud end users can specify whether the virtual disks are archived after the resources are decommissioned. After it is started, the decommission process is automatic. For more information about decommissioning resources, see Decommissioning cloud services.

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